Get closer to your favourite creator.

Demu is the new music streaming platform that gives back to the artists. By listening to music you directly help your favourite creators, and earn their tokens!


Our mission: Bringing creators and fans closer

DEMU makes it possible for fans to support their favorite artists in ways which were not previously possible.

Your favourite creators get paid more

Your subscription fee is directly given to the artists based on your listening history.

Invest in artists by buying their tokens

DEMU offers users the possibility to mint and exchange creator tokens

Buy Merchandise and NFTs directly from the artists

Our platform allows creators to create NFTs and bind them to real objects like albums, CD and more

Finding new artists has never been simpler

Thanks to our discovery feature, you can find new artists that best represent your taste

Project milestones

Pricing options by milestones

Early Adopter


per month
  • Get our limited DEMU-Token per month of subscription
  • Access to Creator-Token Feature
  • Access the entire music library
join us



per month
  • Access to NFT-features
  • Support for video and podcast hosting
  • Advanced discovery search
work in progress

Full release


per month
  • Artist analytics and other tools
  • More unannounced features
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