Free for creators. Forever.

A decentralized music streaming platform that leverages the potential of blockchain technology to give artists and and music lovers the best experience in the ecosystem.


Bringing creators and fans closer

DEMU makes it possible for fans to support their favorite artists in ways which were not previously possible.

You get your fair share

The listener's subscription fee is given directly to the artists based on their listening history.

Stay independent, using your own token

At DEMU, artists can raise money by creating their own "creator"-tokens. Use this to stay independent.

Create & sell your own NFTs

Our platform allows creators to create NFTs and bind them to real objects like albums, CD and more.

Get discovered

On DEMU, small creators can build an audience through our discovery feature. Getting discovered has never been easier.

You own your music.

Demu will never charge artists to upload their own work on the platform.